VorteX maxi – Wing Boards

“Maximum Stoke…”

FusionX Boards and Foils built for you not sold to you…

FusionX is where passion meets inovation. From the first time you talk to us you will know that things at FusionX are done on a different level.
We build every board and every HCS pre preg carbon fibre hydrofoil 100% in house but to a global standard of excellence.

Ultimate ground breaking Zero to Hero designed for “Maximum Stoke”. Great to learn on and amazing for advanced riders, a design that you won’t out grow, ready for simply anything….

Due to Corvid-19, we are only selling direct at the moment!
So you buy direct from us at our TRADE price! for now as well as having our 14 day money back satisfaction guarantee*

  • Standard construction – All sizes inc customs:  RRP £1195 – Trade £895
  • Carbon Hybrid construction – All sizes inc customs: RRP £1325 – Trade £995
  •  Full Carbon construction – All sizes inc customs: RRP £1695 – Trade £1295
  •  Foil & Board combo’s are also avaliable

If you would like our full PDF Wing Board brochure together with our Prices list which also includes all our combo packs and special offers, please fill out your email below: